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    Butchers families


    The family butcher

    butchers families


    By eating me


    By eating me you will cause another of my kind to be killed.


    Calcium – milk


    Did you know:

    Milk actually depleates calcium from your bones causing brittle bones and osteoporosis!

    Try soya, coconut,almond,hemp, rice, oat or hazelnut milk instead!


    Cancer awareness


    Did you know:

    Animal protein is the biggest cancer promoter

    Cancer is a highly profitable industry

    Every mouthful either fights or feeds disease

    Educate yourselves, save the loves of those you love

    Search youtube: The China Study

    challenge 22


    Let’s try vegan!

    Join thousands of participants for a 22 day vegan experience. You’ll receive fabulous recipies and personal guidance from mentors and clinical dieticians.

    IT’S FREE!


    Change the world


    Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change the world


    Charities that do and do not test on animals


    Charities that do and do not test on animals

    Chicken facts



    Communicate with each other

    Can recognise over 100 faces

    Have pain receptors

    Defend their young

    Love to play, run and jump

    Dream the same way that humans do

    Are sensitive, intelligent and caring

    Deserve the right to live


    Chicken friends


    Chicks are friends not food!


    Cows milk is for calves


    Cows milk is for calves aka cow children.

    NOT for humans or their kids!

    CRUK – Animal testing


    Cancer Research UK funds cruel experiments on animals with YOUR donations.

    There are alternatives!

    Computer modelling

    organ on a chip

    human tissue cells

    MRI scans

    Micro dosing

    Genetic testing

    Cut the cruelty – go vegan


    Go VEGetariAN

    Cut out the cruelty!

    vegankit.comĀ  adaptt.org

    Dairy alternative


    Alternatives to dairy milk

    hazelnut, almond, soya, coconut, oat, hemp, quinoa, rice, cashew,sunflower

    adaptt.org freefromharm

    Did you know QR code


    Did you know

    QR code pointing to a website with information on all areas of animal ‘food’ products.

    In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

    Please note: QR codes are checked at the time of printing to ensure the link is still active. We cannot be held responsible for videos/pages being removed after this point.

    Did you know: Leather


    Did you know:

    Leather can be made from cows, pigs, goats, sheep dogs or cats.

    Most leather comes from developing countried such as India and China, where animal welfare laws are either non existent or not enforced.

    Did you know: Protein


    Did you know:

    You don’t need decaying flesh for protein. Try these clean alternatives..

    Tempeh, Tofu, Wheatgerm, Seitan, Beans, Lentils, Buckwheat, Peas, Wild Rice, Hemp, Nuts, Spinach, Artichoke, Brussel Sprouts, Raisins, Seeds